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Mark F. Schultz

Akron has always been one of America’s leading centers of innovation, and Northeast Ohio has some of the nation’s best IP attorneys.

Message from the president

We are charting a new course.

Our University, like our region, is built on a resilient foundation and embraces a boundless resolve to push further. We are charting a new course of innovation and investment that leads to a new era of measurable achievement. Join us in this noble journey.

We are an urban research university, inspired by our people, place and promises.

“Scholarship support has lifted a weight off of my shoulders.”

Thanks to generous scholarship support, fourth-generation UA Legacy Student Jason Render was able to become a Zip—and become involved on campus as a Student Ambassador, member of the Student African-American Brotherhood, and volunteer with the Akron PeaceMakers.

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A physical space devoted to tackling online threats

Made possible through a gift from R.C. Musson and Katherine M. Musson, our cybersecurity simulation lab gives students the chance to practice identifying and quarantining threats in learning environments.

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